5G Private Networks for any industry

Virtual 5G Networks, World of Opportunities

Credit toward new equipment purchase for your EOL, surplus and de-installed/used equipment.

Innovative Network Infrastructure Solutions

Extensive Experience as mobile network Operators
We understand your challenges!

Leaders in Next Generation 5G & 4G Solutions

BSCT Group in collaboration with coreNOC and LEAX provide comprehensive technology that offers connectivity, capacity, and coverage.

We are leaders in next generation 5G and 4G equipment solutions, market integration and deployment. We provide the complete products and services to equip MNO’s WISP’s, Cable Operators, and other telecommunication providers to meet market demands and exceed customer’s expectations. We offer affordable network solutions allowing you to quickly adapt to changing market demands. 

Why upgrade to 5G?

The deployment of a 5G network opens new service opportunities for innovation and growth for you and your customer base. Stay One Step Ahead of your competitors and enjoy advantages of increasing existing and new revenue streams. Take your service to the next level with our innovative and holistic 5G network solutions that offers affordable and efficient migration to the latest 4G and 5G Core. Our wireless network infrastructure opens opportunities to target new and global emerging markets with 5G/4G RAN service.

Telecom Equipment & Service Provider

BSCT Group providing Next Generation OEM 5G & 4G Complete Solutions and Products:
  • Enterprise level functions for less capital compared to major OEMs
  • Complete 5G, 4G & Wi-Fi Ecosystem from Core to Devices that is Affordable, Simple to deploy and Scalable internet for the masses.
  • True End to End OEM Product Portfolio (Core, Backhaul, RAN, CPE, Devices).
  • 4G and 5G Core. Core is reverse compatible with 2G and 3G; Core can operate on NB IoT, Cat-M1.
  • Turnkey Professional Services to Reduce Operational and Deployment Expenses
  • Tailored Billing and Point of Sale Software
  • Credit toward new equipment purchases for your end of life, legacy, surplus and used hardware.
  • Equipment De-install, R2 Responsible Recycling, Asset Recovery.
  • Extensive Experience as mobile network Operators. We understand your challenges!
  • 40+ Market Design-Build-Launch
  • Assisting Clients from Concept to Cash Flow with Tailored Products & Services.

Our Innovative Products and Solutions

Providing a Complete 5G/4G Ecosystem, from Core to Devices, that is affordable, simple to deploy, and scalable internet for the masses.

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Telecom Products
5G Private Networks for any industry
Massive MIMO Radio
CPE Outdoor 4G
CPE Outdoor 5G
CPE Indoor 4G
CPE Indoor 5G
Bull Self Contained Site
Converged Core
Credit toward new equipment purchase for your EOL, surplus and de-installed/used equipment

Turnkey Professional Services

A la carte or turnkey options provides flexibility to reach your goals
Market Evaluation
Competitors Analysis, Design Price Plans, Billing & Point of Sale System, Device Sourcing
Hardware & Software R&D
Tailored Software Config for Radios, Custom Backhaul and Radio Solutions, Intelligent RF Sensing
Network Design
IT Design & Implementation, RF Design: Outdoor & Indoor, Custom Power System Design
Site Architecture and Engineering
Zoning and Permitting, Complete CD’s, Structural Analysis, Electrical Analysis & Design, Project Management
Construction, Installation, Audit
Full Equipment Installation, Upgrade, Swap, Equipment Removal, Tower Audits, Tower Construction
Network Implementation
Commissioning and Testing, System Configuration, Coverage Validation
BSCT Group is a reliable and affordable End to End Network Provider for telecommunication companies across the globe

Our suite of Products and Services are helping clients From Concept to Cash Flow including Market Analysis and Evaluation, Hardware and Software R&D, Network Design, Site A&E, Construction, and Network Implementation.
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